Alfagomma opens its plant in Torreón

Published: 2020-08-12
Alfagomma opens its plant in Torreón

TORREON – The Governor of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, inaugurated the Alfagomma Plant in Torreon, in which US$15 million were invested, which shows that the entity provides certainty to investments.

The Italian company announced that due to the homologation of its products with its client John Deere, it will start production next year, expanding the product range with steel pipes.

This plant will directly employ 250 people in its first stage, in the manufacturing line; products marketed are rubber compounds and vulcanized thermoplastic industrial pipes, in addition to what will be the new manufacturing.

The first machines for this activity have already left Europe and will arrive to Torreón in September. This is a new investment that was not planned in the initial plan and Alfagomma decided to support the state and municipal authorities.

The governor said that despite the pandemic, investment projects have not been cancelled in Coahuila, and virtual tours abroad continue through the state’s Ministry of Economy.

He assured that without a doubt and considering the sanitary contingency, as well as the economic situation derived from it, it is good news for all to inaugurate this plant in Torreón and to confirm that Coahuila does not stop.

The profile of the firm’s work offer is of operators to assemble the hoses to industrialize the pipes, as well as specialized technicians and engineers.

Source: El Economista