Arizona urge to reduce electricity consumption

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Published: 2021-09-13
Arizona urge to reduce electricity consumption

TUCSON – Energy authorities in Tucson, Arizona, are asking the population to show solidarity by reducing the use of electrical energy in their homes to prevent massive blackouts or even the interruption of service.

This is the third time, in the last two years, that they have to launch the emergency call.

This time they were asked to ration the use of electricity during September 9 and 10 since, if these preventive measures are not carried out, not only the city’s energy supply is at risk, but the entire west of the state due to the overload in the electrical network.

Joe Barrios, a Tucson Electric Power (TEP) spokesman, said there are currently no power outages contemplated, “but if we can reduce overall usage, it helps ensure all of our customers have the power they need”.

Although the reduction in energy consumption was requested for September 9 and 10, the community is asked to continue saving energy during peak hours, that is, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

He said that during this week and the beginning of the next, TEP will have the task of analyzing what is the behavior of energy consumption.

The measures that must be carried out are basic, such as asking customers at home to avoid using the clothes washer, dryer or dishwasher during peak hours and, if possible, washing dishes, glasses and cutlery by hand, plus they can dry your clothes on the back yard.

Other recommendations are to turn off and disconnect all those household appliances that are not used and, if you have a swimming pool at home, turn off the engine.

He commented that the last time TEP asked the community to support these types of requests, there was a favorable response, which helped to avoid electricity shortages.

Lorenzo Estrada, a Tucson resident, commented during his childhood and some teenage years he lived in Mexico, where the economic crisis was sometimes so difficult that his parents did not have to pay the electricity bill.

“There were days when we were without electricity, so we had to endure the heat and the nights were darker, so now that I live in the United States and that I have a house with all services, they ask us to save water or Light is something that can be done and nothing bad happens”, he said.

“We all like to be with the pleasant climate in times of heat, even that it gives us cold at night to be sheltered, but if it is possible to save and help it is important that we collaborate for the good of all”, he said.