Constellation Brands Employees Attacked

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Published: 2020-11-25
Constellation Brands Employees Attacked

MEXICALI – Constellation Brands, the Fortune 500 company that had planned to open a brewery in Mexicali, said its employees have been threatened and intimidated by a group protesting the now halted construction.

“As of the public consultation held in Mark that resulted in the indefinite suspension of all activities associated with the brewery planned for Mexicali, we continue to dialogue with the authorities to determine the best way to meet our long-term production needs in Mexico,” the company said in a statement.

Voters in the Mexican border city rejected in March the construction of a massive, U.S.-owned brewery. Those who protested the development cited frequent water shortages in the arid region.

Now the company promises construction activities have been completely suspended while supplies and equipment are moved to other facilities for maintenance and safekeeping.

The beer-maker said many people need to be able to enter and leave the property in order to carry-out their duties.

“Unfortunately, many of the collaborators and contractors involved in this work have been the target of threats and intimidation from a group of protesters, who, mistakenly, assume that construction continues and have blocked access to the site,” the company said.

Source: Border Now December 2020 Edition