Davico Manufacturing Grows in Coahuila

Category: Investment
Published: 2021-09-20
Davico Manufacturing Grows in Coahuila

COAHUILA – Davico Manufacturing has announced the addition of a second manufacturing facility in Coahuila. The company said this expansion will allow Davico to meet the growing demands from its customers as well as take more control over its supply chain.

This new facility will have full production capabilities to produce all of Davico’s direct-fit catalytic converter and exhaust products. Production began in mid-June and continues to ramp up.

“This new facility is an expansion of our production capacity and will be in addition to our rapidly growing production plant and corporate headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I am looking forward to utilizing the capacity this new plant for building inventory to better serve our customers,” said Davico President Ray Surprenant. “We will continue our commitment to manufacturing in the US as we have since 1987, but this expansion will further allow us to better serve our industry with additional capacity and improved lead times, while maintaining the highest quality.”

Davico started out specializing in direct-fit catalytic converters and has expanded into direct-fit mufflers, exhaust systems, decarbonizing chemicals and exhaust manifolds. With this expansion, Davico said it will be able to deliver whether a customer needs a stock order for its WDs or same-day special orders of hard-to-find or rare applications.