Legislator Proposes making Tijuana the State Capital

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Published: 2020-11-25
Legislator Proposes making Tijuana the State Capital

TIJUANA – A Baja California legislator has proposed changing the capital of the state to Tijuana. Currently, Mexicali is the state capital.

State Assemblyman Miguel Angel Bujanda Ruiz recently proposed arguing Tijuana makes more sense for the capital of the state because of its size in population and its proximity to San Diego.

“The change could put the state of Baja California in a positive position at both national and international levels, encouraging the arrival of investment and/or strengthening of different government and private activities, mainly those related to the development of tourism,” wrote Bujanda in a statement about the proposed change.

Some Mexicali residents have complained online during daily news updates given by the governor of Baja California that the leader spends more time in Tijuana than Mexicali.

Bujanda, who is from the same ruling Morena political party as the governor, noted Tijuana has the highest concentration of residents in the state as well as the most employment opportunities.

“It is an attractive city for investments, as is evidenced by the variety of the industry established in it, from the medical, gastronomic branch, renewable energy, aerospace and automotive,” Bujanda said.

The proposed change would first have to be approved by a state Congressional committee and then go to the full Legislature for a vote because it proposes to modify the state Constitution to make the change.

Source: Border Now December 2020 Edition