Most expensive cities in California to get a home

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Published: 2021-07-09
Most expensive cities in California to get a home

CALIFORNIA – Buying a house is one of the most important things for people, since this acquisition can become the heritage that will be left to the children, so it is important to know which places can be considered the most expensive and cheapest to acquire a property .

In this sense, the state of California has the most expensive cities to buy a home, according to the report made by the WalletHub portal, this through a study where 300 localities in the country were analyzed.

For this study, the sample took into account the real estate market, affordability and quality of life, as well as the income-price ratio, quality of the school system, average house price and urban mobility.

For this analysis, Covid-19 was also included, regarding the way in which each city and state recover from the ills of the pandemic, including the homeownership rate for millennials.

The table of values ​​that WalletHud has indicates that San Mateo is in 295th place with 33.2 points, Los Angeles in 292 with 31.77, San Francisco in 298 with 29.38 Oakland in 299 with 29.1 and in last place Berkeley with 28.56 points .

According to the positions that this site has, Gilbert, Arizona is the second place with the highest score with (61.91) rating, below Chesapeake Virginia, which reached 65.15 points.

Arizona is one of the highest-scoring states, with Peoria ranked 7th and Surprise 10th.

According to data provided by WalletHub, Frisco Texas is the best ranked city with 56.87 points and the best ranked city in California is Roseville, with 54.17 rating units.

Clovis California occupies the 101st place, with 51.48, while Laredo Texas, where there is a highly Latino population, reaches 50.21 and the city of Dallas registers the lowest score in this state, as it occupies the 238th place, with 41.71. Albuquerque, New Mexico, ranks 254th with 40.04 points.

The study indicates that the lowest scores in this sample are found in California, since they are the most expensive houses and cities such as Santa Clara, Santa Barbara and San Francisco are located in the places where the services are highest.

While the city of Detroit, Michigan, is ranked 166, with 47.27 points, however, in terms of quality of life, it is ranked 300.

WalletHub is a website that offers free credit scores as well as credit reports.

Alfredo García, a legal migrant in the United States, commented that to buy a home he had to work for several years in order to find a loan that would suit his needs.

As a construction worker, he commented that he moved to several states such as Florida, Las Vegas, California, New Mexico and Mississippi, each one had its advantages between costs and quality of life.

However, having Mexican roots, he decided to buy a home in the city of El Paso, since living there gave him the advantage of having his close family, both in the southern United States and in the North of mexico.

He said that in El Paso he has been able to have a good quality of life, although sometimes he has to go to other nearby cities and others more distant to have a job.