New Mexico requires the use of masks in closed public spaces again

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Published: 2021-08-19
New Mexico requires the use of masks in closed public spaces again

BEW MEXICO – As of this friday, in the state of New Mexico, the use of masks will again be mandatory for all those people who are older than 2 years when they are in closed public places, it does not matter that they have their complete vaccination scheme, as well it was determined by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The situation can be alarming, because with the Delta variant and the high number of infections, it can be expected that in late August or early September, 900 to 1,500 infections per day will be registered.

This Tuesday at noon it was announced that the state will also have new vaccination requirements for hospital and medical care workers; as well as employees of public, private and autonomous schools, who must have the antiviral.

Workers in correctional facilities and other congregate care facilities, including those participating in the upcoming New Mexico State Fair, will also need to get vaccinated.

People who do not get vaccinated should be tested at least once a week to show that they are not infected with the Coronavirus.

These new mask rules will be activated from friday, august 20, and will remain so until September 15, 2021.

In a press conference, Luján Grisham described the changes being carried out as necessary to try to stop the waves of Covid-19 infections in New Mexico, since as of monday afternoon, the state registered that 304 people had been hospitalized.

By Tuesday afternoon, that is, 24 hours later, the figure reached 341 people who had to stay in a hospital due to problems with the coronavirus.

If this situation continues, it is very likely that by the end of the month and the beginning of september, New Mexico will have to deal with 900 to 1,500 cases of Covid-19 daily and the southeast could be the most affected by the pandemic.

The governor said that, so far, there is no plan to implement a color scheme to determine closures and stoppages of activities.

The key to ending infections is the use of masks and increasing vaccination rates, he said.

On july 1 of this year, New Mexico reported that the state would be completely reopened, but with the increase in infections and the appearance of the Delta variant, these determinations have had to be made.