Nuevo Leon records 4.18% economic growth

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Published: 2019-05-02
Nuevo Leon records 4.18% economic growth

NUEVO LEON – Secretaría de Economía y Trabajo of Nuevo Leon revealed that the entity closed 2018 with an economic growth of 4.18%, compared to an average of 1.63% nationally.

The head of the agency, Roberto Russildi Montellano, stated that “the economic results speak of what investors are finding in Nuevo Leon: security, labor peace, skilled labor, location”.

He mentioned that in March was signed the Agreement for Labor Peace in Nuevo Leon, which seeks to strengthen labor relations through dialogue and respect for the laws of the matter, giving priority to the stability of the productive plant, labor peace and employment.

Mr. Russildi stressed that Nuevo Leon currently has the technology and software industry, which has created more than 14,000 jobs in the state and there are more than 100 university programs linked to the sector.

On the other hand, he highlighted that the automotive industry represents the largest volume of investment in new projects for the entity and it is estimated that this sector generates 59,700 direct jobs and 65,000 indirect jobs.

Source: 20 minutos