The last deaths from El Paso by Covid-19 were unvaccinated people

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Published: 2021-09-13
The last deaths from El Paso by Covid-19 were unvaccinated people

EL PASO – Authorities of the United States ask its inhabitants to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus, since this measure can reduce the risk of being infected or that their damage is serious or fatal.

The Department of Health of El Paso, Texas, reported that the last five deaths registered in the town due to Covid-19 correspond to people who did not have their antiviral.

In addition to applying the biological one, it is important that the population continue to carry out preventive measures, since there is a record that 159 people were re-infected, although they already had their complete vaccination scheme.

According to the data provided by the El Paso health authorities, the five people who lost their lives also had chronic degenerative health problems and their ages ranged between 50 and 80 years.

In total, 16 people who had already been inoculated have died in El Paso.

During the last days, 629 new cases of Covid-19 were counted, of that number, 159 patients already had the antiviral.

Through the website, it is announced that 137,848 passers-by have been infected, the majority have recovered, however, there are some patients who still experience lasting health impacts due to the Coronavirus.

Maria Elena Chacon, a resident of El Paso, Texas, who was infected with Covid-19 during the month of April of this year, mentioned that during her convalescence she went through “terrible days, because she could not breathe well, she could not stand and everything made me tired, even being in bed was tiring”.

She did not have to be hospitalized and she never lost her taste or smell and despite the fact that the doctors assured her that she should not be hospitalized, they were bad days.

“Three weeks after they detected the Coronavirus they told me that I was out of danger, but the truth is, my health is not the same, everything tires me, sometimes I get agitated out of nowhere and any physical activity wears me out, I know that I am not well, at least not as I would like”, she spoke.

“Because of what happened to me and the number of people I see dying, I do not understand why people do not want to be vaccinated and I do not understand why it is so difficult for them to protect their face with a mask to reduce the risks”, she added.