Yazaki began migration from Chihuahua to Central America

Category: Automotive
Published: 2021-05-24
Yazaki began migration from Chihuahua to Central America

CHIHUAHUA – The Japanese corporation Yazaki, which used to operate in the Chihuahua Industrial Park and employed 300 workers, began the migration of some of its plants from Chihuahua to Central America, according to the president of Index-Chihuahua, Román Rivas Hong.

He pointed out that there is concern about companies leaving the entity in search of cheaper production costs and other types of regulations,

It is worth noting that Yazaki had more than 14,000 jobs in 16 plants in several municipalities of Chihuahua at the end of 2020.

Román Rivas said he does not believe that the Japanese corporation will remove all its operations from the state, since it has successful industrial models such as Gómez Farías and Buenaventura.

The president of Index-Chihuahua recalled that years ago, Lear Corporation, which had a strong presence in the city and the state, also migrated to Honduras, but left some flagship plants in the state, which was the case of Ciudad Juarez.

Source: Diario.mx