10 investment projects were cancelled in Matamoros

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-20

MATAMOROS – The outlook for Matamoros in terms of industry happens to be a little bit unfortunate; besides of the economic problems that have been generated in this region after strikes, there is no peace or job stability, said the president of Asociación de Maquiladoras (INDEX), Rosalinda Torres, who spoke about the cancellation of investment projects.

According to Mrs. Torres, is not fair for companies to remain uncertain about what will happen tomorrow, and stated that this affects everyone, especially when we talk about the automotive industry where immediate responses are needed and high inventories are not very usual, a situation that can harm them a lot.

She stressed as well that all the investment projects she was aware of, have been cancelled or moved elsewhere and there are at least ten investment projects that after the strikes had no longer interest in establishing in Matamoros.

Torres said this will lead to higher unemployment, a situation that is not good for anyone, something that keeps them extremely worried.

Source: Monitoreo de Noticias