Aerospace Center starts construction in ITH

Category: News
Published: 2016-12-27

The construction works for the Regional Center of Research, Development Technological and Innovation for the Aerospace Sector (CIDTISA) started with the symbolic first stone laid. It is going to stand in grounds of the National Institute of Technology in Mexico, Campus Technological Institute of Hermosillo (ITH) and it is expected to start operations in October 2017.

There was investment estimated in US$2 million for the first of the three buildings that will make up CIDTISA. Ernesto de Lucas Hopkins, Ministry of Education and Culture of the State of Sonora, expressed that innovation, research and development projects will get support from CIDTISA. The building will have a drone laboratory, mini and nano satellites laboratory, meeting room, management room, show room, cafeteria, avionics design room, PLM room, training room, site, communication systems lab and tele detection lab.

Source: Hermosillo Life