Alianza Derramadero Industrial Park competes with the Bajio for European investment

Category: News
Published: 2016-12-23

Alianza Derramadero Industrial Park, in Coahuila, is closing the year competing against the Bajio region to capture European investment in the automotive sector, which is expected to be completed in 2016.

Arnoldo Saucedo Davila, Director of Governmental and Institutional Relations for Alianza, indicated that lands are being prospected so that the industrial buildings which will be installed have compatibility with the State’s projects. He underscored that there are currently 11 plants in the park, which generate 1,600 jobs. The construction of a 2 hectares industrial building for Dendron Aluminum is bound to start in January; this company manufactures aluminum components and will have Magna among its main clients. This plant will have a US$7 million and it will create 129 jobs.

Source: Vanguardia