ALT Technologies inaugurates plant in Chihuahua

Category: News
Published: 2018-10-18

Chihuahua’s governor, Javier Corral, led the inauguration of the ALT Technologies plant in the state’s capital. ALT Technologies, of Dutch origin, belongs to the automotive industry, started operations with an investment of US$3 million and generated 98 direct jobs.

The company, which is located in the Bafar Industrial Park, produces covers for air bags, identification labels for different vehicle surfaces, instrument panels, felt gards, plastics, among other items.

“It is a development opportunity for both the company and our entity, because the company is merging into existing production chains, strengthening them,” said the governor.

The CEO of ALT Technologies, Jean Luc Verstraeten, expressed that they decided over a year ago to establish a new plant. They traveled to several cities in Mexico until they chose Chihuahua, based on the skill of its workforce and closeness with the United States.