Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora to supply natural gas to Asia

Category: News
Published: 2018-12-21

The governments of Arizona and New Mexico, as well as the government of Sonora, located in northern Mexico, all agreed to meet the growing demand for energy in Asia through the supply of natural gas.

Furthermore, the government of Sonora reported in a press release that the heads of said entities, Claudia Pavlovich, Sonora’s governor; Susana Martinez, New Mexico’s governor and Doug Ducey, Arizona’s governor, have signed the memorandum of understanding in the city of Phoenix.

The natural gas supply, which New Mexico will provide, will be delivered through pipelines and liquefied natural gas facilities to be developed in the port of Guaymas, Sonora, to be later sent to Asia.

Governor Moreno indicated that the excellent relationship with Sonora and Arizona allowed them to export their natural gas, in a more economic and quick fashion, to Asia, mainly to Taiwan. In this sense, Moreno highlighted that this arrangement will be a great step for the development of the three regions.

Doug Ducey stressed that this agreement is of great importance and shows the security, commitment and development that exists between Sonora and Arizona, in addition to the teamwork that New Mexico and Arizona have had over the years. 

The state leaders reiterated their commitment to collaborate in the promotion of investment, research and innovation, their intention to collaborate in the planning, management, promotion, and execution of projects for the sale of LNG to multiple global markets.