Asia increases interest to invest in Tijuana: Deitac

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-06

TIJUANA  – As a result of the promotion carried out by Desarrollo Económico e Industrial de Tijuana (Deitac), in Asia, during November, is expected the arrival of 4 new companies to Tijuana in the coming months, specifically in the medical and plastics.

The president of this agency, Carlos Higuera Espiritu, indicated that the interest of Asian companies to invest in this region has been increasing since 3 was the average of prospects per month before and currently 12 is the average monthly.

Due to changes that have occurred at the macroeconomic level, especially in tariff matters between the United States and China, companies from the latter country have been turning to Tijuana, which is why Deitac has intensified promotion in Asian countries.

Higuera Espiritu said that Asian companies have been focusing their attention in Baja California, and particularly in Tijuana, where they find a suitable ecosystem to invest. He announced that good relations were established with business organizations in the regions they visited such as Shanghai Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, and stressed that in these countries, they have Deitac as contact point for their companies.