Avolta Breaks Ground on Biogas Projects in Arizona

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Published: 2021-07-07
Avolta Breaks Ground on Biogas Projects in Arizona

ARIZONA – Avolta, a renewable energy company focused on originating, developing, owning, and operating renewable natural gas (RNG) projects, and its regional development partner, Atlas Global Holdings, LLC, held an official groundbreaking to kick off the first of two RNG Projects outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

“Avolta is pleased to expand into Arizona with the new RNG upgrading facility at Butterfield Dairy. The Butterfield RNG Facility will positively impact the environment while simultaneously providing benefits to the de Jong family farming operation,” said Gov Siegel, co-founder of Avolta. “This will be the first in a series of projects in Arizona that uphold our commitment to supporting the dairy industry and providing economic opportunities to local communities all while reducing the impact on the environment.”

Dairy based biogas systems use anaerobic digestion to convert manure into biogas. The dairy manure streams are diverted and stored in digestors for a specified time to allow the bacteria to “digest” the manure. As the manure is digested, methane (CH4) is created. The methane gas is then processed (upgraded) to pipeline quality gas before being injected into the nearest gas pipeline.

Collectively, Butterfield and Milky Way dairies care for more than 50,000 cows and the projects will generate over 675,000 MMBtu of RNG annually which will ultimately be distributed as renewable transportation fuel. The Butterfield and Milky Way projects are scheduled to begin delivering gas into a Southwest Gas Pipeline at the end of the fourth quarter 2021 and first quarter 2022, respectively.