Baja California advances procedures to grow as part of Industry 4.0

Published: 2019-10-09

BAJA CALIFORNIA – More than 30% of manufacturing companies in Baja California already have a procedure that is part of Industry 4.0, said Saúl de los Santos, vice president of institutional relations at Canieti.

The representative of the National Chamber of the Electronic Industry, Telecommunications and Information Technology (Canieti) added that about 60% are interested in doing something else.

De los Santos pointed out that the rest have been indifferent because they consider that the timing is wrong, in addition, they may think that it is a very expensive process, because they are sophisticated technologies.

“It’s about acquiring technology, software, among other things; but what has been noticed is that it is gradual, each company must select whether robotics, digital camera, inspection, or any other branch of the 20 different ones,” said the vice president.

He added that Industry 4.0 is a trend that is already present in many other areas of the country and the world. That is why the state must adapt, because in the case of not doing so, competitiveness could be lost.

Source: El Imparcial