Baja California expects an investment of US$100 million

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-01

TIJUANA – With a current investment of US$50 million in the state of Baja California for the maquiladora industry, the national advisor to the export industry, René Romandía, announced that another investment of US$100 million is already available for the next two years.

Romandia highlighted the wide possibilities that the state and mainly the municipality of Tijuana has to attract investors from different sectors that every day show greater impact, such as aerospace, medical and automotive.

Proof of this is the construction of industrial buildings of more than half a million square meters, which are estimated to be inaugurated between the months of March and April. The latter is still in the planning stage.

With this investment coming from the United States, the counselor expects to provide around 800 job positions, which contemplates that many may be migrants who stayed in the municipality to settle and start a new life away from their home.

Source: Unión Radioinforma