Baja California insists on boosting local supply

Published: 2019-07-25
Baja California insists on boosting local supply

BAJA CALIFORNIA – The supply of companies installed in Baja California comes mostly from abroad, and only 2.3% of them are local, said Elizabeth Hernández García, leader of the Board of Directors of the Maquiladora Industry of Baja California (Dimbc). He explained that it would be ideal if at least 10% of the supply was provided at the local level, that is why different agencies and chambers are already working on the development of suppliers.

“Baja California is still a power in the sector, since it occupies third place, nationally, in exports, and would be higher if the supply increases,” said Hernández García.

The Dimbc leader said that one of the main reasons why this number is low is because the industries that arrive already bring a line of work, and their supply comes from the United States or Asian countries.

Therefore, he stressed the importance of promoting local supply projects, since they do exist; however, they are frozen in the absence of support.

Source: El Imparcial