Baja California ranks 2nd place in employment generation in maquiladora companies

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Published: 2019-01-29

With 381,159 jobs generated in October 2018, Baja California is the second place in employment generation for the maquiladora industry and export manufacturing, said its national president Luis Aguirre Lang.

In his last visit to Mexicali, Mr. Aguirre highlighted that the latest data from the sector place Baja California state as the second with the highest generation of jobs in the country, as well as the main state in establishments with IMMEX programs with 1,117 companies. Nationally, the maquiladora and export industry had until October last year a total of 3 million jobs,

From January to October 2018 the sector gave a national contribution of US$213,424 billion, representing 58% of the country’s total exports and about 67% of exports from the industrial sector, while the rest corresponds to the oil and agricultural sector.