Baja California’s maquiladora industry is strong

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-07

TIJUANA – Unlike other parts of the Mexican Republic, in Baja California there are no problems with the maquiladora industry, since this is a solid sector, said the director of Servicio Nacional de Empleo de Baja California, Luis Rodolfo Enríquez Martínez.

Enríquez Martínez said that the current government administration has focused on bringing “peace” among the sources of employment in different sectors, thus having a vanguard entity.

For his part, Noé Morales of Empleo Nuevo, mentioned that the issue of jobs in the State is positive and stressed and proof of that is the constant positive migration from people willing to work in the industry due to how quickly workers are able to can rise positions.

He stressed as well that salaries are not a problem in the region, as they’ve been above the minimum for some time, but what worries is the lack of workers since in the last survey conducted in maquiladoras there was a need for more than 6,000 assemblers.

Source: AFN Tijuana