Baja California seeks to boost the automotive supply chain

Category: Automotive
Published: 2021-06-03
Baja California seeks to boost the automotive supply chain

BAJA CALIFORNIA – Baja California has great opportunities to integrate into the automotive industry supply chain, especially given the conditions offered by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), and the migration to new technologies, agreed experts.

Javier Valadez, operations director of Kenworth Mexico; Ruben Lopez, general manager of Toyota Motor Manufacturing; Alejandro Mendoza, president of Grupo Prodensa and as moderator, Carlos Jaramillo Silva, president of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana (Deitac), considered that the USMCA is at the right time for Baja California suppliers to consolidate its position in the automotive industry.

Some areas of opportunity for the USMCA are the migration of technology towards electric and autonomous cars, as well as seeing the automotive industry as a mobility industry.

The Deitac leader mentioned that a large part of the components used in this industry are located in Asia, therefore, one of the challenges is to attract these suppliers to the Cali-Baja mega-region.

Javier Valadez, from Kenworth Mexico, pointed out that there is a crisis of microprocessors and electronic components worldwide; 50% of vehicle parts are electronic, so the development of software and technologies is an area of opportunity.

Source: AFN Tijuana