Baja California will assemble business jets

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Published: 2015-04-28

Spectrum Aeronautical announced that its executive model S-40, the first airplane to be made entirely in Mexico, will be manufactured in Mexicali, Baja California. Linden Blue, President of the Company, said that this production is part of the Spectrum 33 Project

, which will build a completely new assembly line at the “Silicon Border” Park located on the boundaries of the Mexicali International Airport and will feature a US$300 million investment for the completion of the design, certification and production of the aircraft. Mr.Blue added that Baja California was chosen “because of its geographical proximity to the aerospace industry in California, as well as its highly skilled workforce. We expect the Mexican engineers working in Spectrum 33 to produce 200 jets S40 in the first year of factory operation.”

Source: T21