Baja Ferries and Ferromex announce joint service

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Published: 2018-10-22

The companies, Baja Ferries and Ferromex, announced a joint service within the framework of the Congreso Intermodal 2018, organized by Asociacion Mexicana del Transporte Intermodal (AMTI). Said service connects Mexico City with the Baja California Peninsula.

“The project began five years ago and the idea of ​​connecting these points through the Interpacifico was born,” explained Luis Hernandez Renteria, Ferromex’s Intermodal Commercial deputy director.

This route, which has already been tested, will start operating “no later than the first week of December”, according to Alberto Montemayor, commercial director of Baja Ferries. The route itself lasts eight days starting at Pantaco, passing through Silao, Guadalajara, and up to Topolobampo, where the cargo approaches the ferry to its final destination in La Paz or Los Cabos.

Montemayor emphasized that Baja Ferries influences the arrival of goods consumed in Baja California Sur, as at least 80% of the merchandise consumed in the state enters via the Mar de Cortes through a ship.