Beer industry and Baja California

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-08

TIJUANA – The artisanal beer produced in Baja California is made up of 50% inputs and raw material imported from the United States and European countries, which unfortunately doesn’t make it a 100% Mexican beer, despite the good acceptance it has nationally and internationally.

Raul Aispuro Funes, president of Asociación de Cerveceros de Tijuana, stated that the beer industry has grown 20% steadily in the industry’s last 10 years.

The artisanal beer industry produced in 2018, 56,000 hectoliters of beer, only by members associated with the state group, a total of 61 artisanal producers.

In the case of barley, the one required by brewers must be high in starch, with less protein, one that grows with two grains per row and not 6 in each ear like the one currently harvested.

The artisanal brewers have made a study of barley market conditions and concluded that with all members of the association acceding to buy barley produced in the region, 120 tons per month could be purchased from grain producers, equivalent to 30 hectares of cultivation.

Source: La Voz de la Frontera