Bendix established logistics center in Coahuila

Category: News
Published: 2017-10-24

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has created a Logistic Center in Acuña, in response to the growing operations of the Company, as well as to favor the supplies inflow, inventory control and cost reduction. The logistic center is the fourth building, and counting, at the Acuña complex. This Company’s operation in Acuña used to have several satellite warehouses for reception and distribution of materials. By becoming consolidated in just one center, the plant has now the possibility to better manage its inventory, while supervising the supply inflow and outflow. This center, which measures 10,126 square meters, is located 2.4 kilometers from the Bendix Acuña Plant 1 with 38 workers and it is going to serve as a centralized destination for reception and inspection.