Border Patrol secures 74 undocumented immigrants who were transported in a trailer

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Published: 2021-07-22
Border Patrol secures 74 undocumented immigrants who were transported in a trailer

U.S. – In recent days in the area of El Paso, Texas there have been events where the agents of the Border Patrol of the United States have secured significant numbers of people who cross illegally; Last week, 74 people were arrested, apparently trying to be transferred to other cities.

Through a press release it was announced that the Border Patrol, in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety, managed to secure a vehicle that was pulling a trailer where contraband people were transporting.

The events occurred on July 12, when the aforementioned vehicle tried to cross a traffic control point, which is located on Interstate 10, where the agents made the necessary inspections.

K9 were used, who carried out an inspection and detected sufficient indications that the unit could contain something suspicious, for which reason those in charge of the unit were asked to proceed to a secondary inspection.

When doing that second review, it was discovered that they were transporting 74 undocumented immigrants, for which three US citizens were detained.

Big Bend Sector Chief Sean L. McGoffin said “transnational criminal organizations recruit United States Citizens to facilitate their smuggling schemes, they continue to put lives in danger without regard for their safety and well-being.”

On this occasion, thanks to the coordination of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Border Patrol, it was possible to rescue migrants who were “in a very dangerous situation,” the letter mentions.

As for the detainees, it was reported that two were handed over to the State authorities, while the third, who was the driver, was released due to his youthful age.

The undocumented insured come from countries such as Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala for which they were processed.

In early July, the Border Patrol detained 35 migrants who entered the country illegally, who were located in the El Paso area, who were in a house and a person was in their care.