BORDERNOW makes debut along U.S.-Mexico frontier

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Published: 2015-01-15

Next-generation periodical expands market coverage

Publishers of seven-year old  Juarez-El PasoNOW  have proudly announced the expansion of the periodical’s editorial focus to cover the entire international border – From San Diego/Tijuana to Brownsville/Matamoros — with the publication being reformatted and renamed BORDERNOW. 
BORDERNOW, which makes its debut in January, 2015 will cover news and affairs affecting all regions along the 1,989-mile U.S.-Mexico frontier. “We are responding to serve the needs of the marketplace.  The business audience along the border shares common international challenges and opportunities.  Our readers in the western and eastern border cities have requested for a long time to share what we have done for the Juarez-El Paso region,” said Sergio Ornelas, editor of the evolving publication.

With this change in editorial reach, BORDERNOW becomes a business monthly periodical with 12 issues per year that will be available to the readership during the first week of every month. It will cover and analyze news, industries, economic trends, events, taxes, regulations, labor and major developments affecting OEMs, suppliers, exporters, importers, maquiladoras and businesses along the border. 
 Ornelas explained,   “Total trade between Mexico and the United States is nearly US$500 billion, and demonstrated strong expansion during 2014.  We anticipate that trend to continue – all the more reason to expand our coverage area.” 
He added that BORDERNOW maintains his publication’s long-standing editorial commitment to interview business, civic and political leaders along the frontier as well as those from outside whose decisions affect the immediate region.  “Our readers shape some of their business decisions based on knowledge gained through this publication.  That drives our responsibility to be issue focused.”
BORDERNOW  boasts a circulation of 25,000 and will be distributed widely along the border.  This includes the markets of Tijuana; San Diego; Mexicali; Nogales; Laredo; Nuevo Laredo; Acuna; Reynosa; Harlingen;  McAllen; Matamoros, Brownsville and, of course, in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.
Controlled circulation includes complementary BORDERNOW subscriptions for business readers associated with maquiladoras; suppliers; service providers; associations, government and academia along the U.S.-Mexico border. Those interested in a free subscription of the BORDERNOW printed edition have been invited to register at  starting on January 15, 2015.
BORDERNOW will also be available for free, “gratis”, in strategically-placed public locations throughout all U.S.-Mexico major border cities.
Ornelas explained all current Juarez-El PasoNOW subscribers need do nothing as their subscription automatically transfers to BORDERNOW. “They will continue to enjoy their own region coverage as well as added news from other border areas.”
Additionally, BORDERNOW becomes available through a complimentary digital edition available through website registration as of February 1, 2015.  “Readers will also find daily updated news about on-going issues in the border region.  We plan to offer current data and statistics on the main industrial border sectors and a multitude of other related subjects.”
“Our objective is to have a single source of information specialized for those already active in international manufacturing, logistics and trade in the U.S.-Mexico border area, as well as for those evaluating opportunities to locate their businesses here,” said Ornelas. “Our ultimate mission is to be a prime and pertinent information source to help readers shape business strategies at the border.  We do so through compelling news and editorial content.”
BORDERNOW will have a more reader-friendly and environmentally-conscious format of  9” by 12” compared to its ancestor at 11” by 13.5”. According to the publisher’s research, this new size, smaller but with more pages, will make a BORDERNOW printed issue a lot easier to handle while reading, to take in a briefcase or to send by “snail mail.” The benefits will be increased readership and circulation, Ornelas predicted.
“For those loyal customers that advertise with us, their geographical coverage just expanded without additional cost.  Their message will now reach a larger audience. In a nutshell, the potential market they will now contact through BORDERNOW has almost tripled when compared to its ancestor publication,” he noted.
BORDERNOW will be a proud sponsor of the upcoming manufacturing and logistics event “Mexico’s Supply Chain Summit”, organized by its affiliate publication MEXICONOW that will take place on March 19-20, 2015 at the Marriott Marina Hotel in San Diego, California.

The publisher of BORDERNOW and MEXICONOW is Servicio Internacional de Informacion S.A. de C.V. a 14-year old privately held company with headquarters in Chihuahua, Mexico. Besides its publications, the firm has organized over 90 international trade shows in Mexico, The U.S., Canada, The U.K., France, Germany and Spain, including “Mexico & China Forum”, Mexico’s Auto Industry Summit”, “Mexico’s Aerospace Industry Conference” and “Manufacturing in Mexico Conference” among others.


By Michael Hissam