Buckle Up: Emerging Trends in New Mobility Worldwide

Category: GAI
Published: 2024-02-06
Buckle Up: Emerging Trends in New Mobility Worldwide

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview “Buckle Up: Emerging Trends in New Mobility Worldwide” features Sam Baker.  Mr. Baker serves as the Managing Partner of MobilityFund, a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments in disruptive technologies in the transportation sector, including connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification. MobilityFund is backed by global automotive and energy companies, with a portfolio spanning Europe and the Americas. Before assuming his role at MobilityFund, Sam co-founded Wunder Mobility, a leading software provider for vehicle sharing operators worldwide.

In the 11-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Baker discusses these questions:

  • What role does a venture capital firm like MobilityFund play in the automotive industry?
  • Which sectors of the mobility space do you find to be most promising? Are there any portfolio companies that you think are riding those trends?
  • What are some trends that legacy automotive companies need to be most on guard about?
  • And provides his Final Thoughts