CAINTRA plans to diversify Nuevo Leon exports

Category: News
Published: 2017-01-04

The Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CAINTRA), revealed that 44% of industrial leaders in Nuevo Leon are planning to diversify their exports to Europe, Asia or South America this year, while 24.1% are looking to re-direct their sales toward the internal market.

Besides, 32.6% of entrepreneurs are developing different strategies to sort out any affectations derived from a possible crisis of commerce with the U.S. This actions might yield a 1.5% growth rate for the industrial sector in 2017 while creating 18,000 jobs. On the other hand, this organization underscored the fact that Companies must search for the necessary tools, counseling and training to become more competitive. Likewise, CAINTRA affirms that the Government, across its different levels, must establish incentives for companies, as well as revision and improvement of regulations aimed at facilitating business.

Source: Capital Mexico