Chihuahua students participate in Ali Baba program

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Published: 2024-04-23
Chihuahua students participate in Ali Baba program

CHIHUAHUA – Around than 800 students and 50 teachers from the state of Chihuahua participated in a special workshop of Ali Baba’s Digital Transformation Program (GDT), with the objective of strengthening their business strategies.

The training was conducted in collaboration with the Secretariat of Innovation and Business Development. Members of the GDT presented to the student community strategies on digitization, automated manufacturing, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, finance and e-commerce.

The Ali Baba Program facilitates the necessary tools and knowledge for local instructors to develop talent and decrease the digital divide in companies, empowering opportunities for vulnerable communities in the entity and creating a virtuous circle of development.

In addition, it was announced that young people who successfully complete their training with their mentors will be able to receive certification as Ali Baba MSME consultants. With this, it is intended that students work with companies in the municipalities of Parral, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad Juárez, Guachochi, Delicias, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua and Nuevo Casas Grandes to facilitate their transition to the digital economy and incorporation into the global market.

In February 2023, the Governor of Chihuahua, Maru Campos, and Alibaba Group executives signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which established the framework for cooperation between the State and the multinational, to promote the export of Chihuahua products globally and reduce the digitalization gap in local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), with support from the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) initiative.