Ciudad Juárez sees potential in the video game industry

Category: Business
Published: 2019-09-26
Ciudad Juárez sees potential in the video game industry

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Emerging and with a prosperous future for the next 10 years, this is how the video game industry in Ciudad Juárez was qualified at the Indies Mexico 2019 festival.

Víctor Talamantes, director of Indies Mx, explained that Ciudad Juárez has great progress in the area of support for this industry, which is considered to be “emerging.”

“People begin to see video games not only as entertainment, but as a business,” said Talamantes.

For her part, Lisbeily Domínguez, director of the Institute of Innovation and Competitiveness (i2C), said that in Ciudad Juárez, the video game industry has advanced with small but sure step. She considered the industry to be an area with great potential to detonate in the regional economy.

“The entity can be developed enormously. It is an opportunity for young people to watch video games in a profitable way; with all the careers offered in the city, the industry can be detonated,” Domínguez emphasized.