Coahuila attracts US$10.4 million investment

Published: 2019-05-30
Coahuila attracts US$10.4 million investment

ACUÑA – In order to strengthen security throughout the northern area of the entity, the State Government of Coahuila will allocate US$10.4 million for the construction of a new barracks in the municipality of Ciudad Acuña.

“We are about to start a very large project in Acuña and it will reinforce the entire northern part with the presence of more than 600 military that could house the new regiment in Acuña,” stressed Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, governor of the State of Coahuila.

Riquelme Solis explained that the project has a cost of US$10.4 million, which includes the land and construction of the building, as well as military infrastructure that is added to the infrastructure located in Piedras Negras, Monclova and San Pedro de las Colonias

Source: El Siglo de Torreón