Coahuila, leader in foreign investment per capita

Category: Investment
Published: 2019-09-04
Coahuila, leader in foreign investment per capita

SALTILLO – Coahuila’s economy is strong, and proof of this is the entity’s national leadership in foreign investment per capita, the first in labor formality, and the sixth in competitiveness, said Jaime Guerra Pérez, Secretary of Economy in Coahuila.

“The entity is distinguished from the rest of the country because the vast majority of its workers have formal jobs, signed contracts, and the benefits granted by the law in health, education, and housing, among other items,” said Guerra Pérez.

The secretary stressed that the foreign investment per capita of Coahuila ranks as the first nationwide, with US$1.2 billion, which translates into an important economic spill in relation to the number of inhabitants.

Guerra Pérez also said that Coahuila has excellent levels of competitiveness that have become strategic factors for potential investors, such as skilled labor, education level, development of skills or abilities of its workers.

Source: El Sol de la Laguna