Coahuila maintains confidence in investments

Category: Investment
Published: 2019-10-23
Coahuila maintains confidence in investments

MONCLOVA – The challenges of globalization in national and international markets lead to economic competition between regions of the country, leading Coahuila to the forefront given that it has well-defined points and positions in investor confidence.

In his recent visit to the central region, the Secretary of Economy, Jaime Guerra Pérez, explained that the promotion made by the state in other parts of the world such as China, will boost the arrival of companies that will bring employment.

“Each of the companies installed in Coahuila contribute to raising quality standards and multiplying benefits of economic development that exists in all sectors,” Guerra Pérez said.

The secretary added that the state works together with the government and the public, which contributes to facing the challenges of each region.

Guerra Pérez commented that the promotion that has been carried out by the state allows the interest that a commercial flight arrives in the short term as demanded by the Private Initiative in the central region, which currently has to move to Nuevo León to fly the destinations scheduled.

Source: La Prensa de Monclova