Coahuila: renewable energies’ pioneer of in Mexico

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-12

Gobierno del Estado de Coahuila, through Secretaría de Economía, has promoted the reduction of polluting emissions from various productive sectors.

“Coahuila is the great pioneer state of renewable energy in Mexico, in addition to having the largest solar park in America and the second largest in the world, in Viesca,” said the minister of Secretaría de Economía in Coahuila, Jaime Guerra Perez.

The 174 Power Global, renewable energy park located in Matamoros, will have 363,000 solar panels, which presents so far 50% progress, and when its ready, it will provide homes for 80,000 Coahuilenses.

Also, three projects of photovoltaic solar parks are underway, in which more than 500 MW will be installed, added Guerra Perez.

These parks will be located in the southeastern region of the state, with an investment of US$500 million.


source: El Heraldo de Saltillo