Coahuila seeks to remain a leader in Foreign Investment

Category: Investment
Published: 2019-07-09
Coahuila seeks to remain a leader in Foreign Investment

TORREON – After promoting the state of Coahuila in China, Jaime Guerra, Pérez, Secretary of State Economy, announced that the directive of Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís is very clear, and it is a priority to maintain the first place in Foreign Direct Investment per capita.

The Secretary indicated that the aim is to emphasize the attraction of investments in the Laguna, Centro, and Carbonífera regions.

“As far as the State Administration is concerned, there are 54 investment projects completed, which translates into 19,300 jobs throughout the state and US$2.7 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); eight of these projects would be destined for La Laguna,” said Riquelme Solís.

The official warned that next week there will be a trade mission to Canada to meet with companies that are already installed in Coahuila, but have mainly expansion projects.

He also mentioned that he will continue with trips to China, which is the country that is investing the most in other nations.

Source: Zocalo