Coconino County in Arizona declared a state of emergency due to flooding

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Published: 2021-07-23
Coconino County in Arizona declared a state of emergency due to flooding

COCONINO – The state of Coconino was declared in a state of emergency this Friday, July 16, due to the flooding it has suffered, so Arizona will have up to US $ 200,000 to help the county and city of Flagstaff.

Governor Doug Ducey mentioned through a statement via Twitter that the flash floods, storms and rains that have occurred in recent days have caused various damages, so tools are required to keep communities safe.

Since there is currently a rainy season, it is necessary for the guides to avoid traveling where they see water accumulation because they do not know the depth level.

In a rainstorm, drive slowly and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

The situation experienced by the residents of Coconino has not been simple, they have even received the donation of approximately 50 thousand sandbags to protect their properties due to forest fires.

In June, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation to create a $ 100 million fund to fight fires and address their ravages.

Arizona resident Steven Gregor commented that it was necessary to request asylum from his brother, since his house was damaged by the rains and it is impossible to inhabit it.

At the beginning, the only fear we had was about forest fires, but now there is more risk due to the rains because they affect everyone.