Colombia and BC strengthening aerospace industry

Category: News
Published: 2017-12-21

Aerospace industrial leaders from Baja California and Rionegro, Colombia, signed an agreement to reinforce both productions through exchange of strategies for the development of specialized labor force, as both regions are leading the aerospace sector in their respective countries. A committee from the Rionegro (Colombia) Municipal Government, arrived in Tijuana for a work tour to meet members from the academia, and the Aerospace Cluster from Baja California. This reunion had the objective of strengthening the collaboration with the Department of Antioquia while exploring opportunities for collaborative projects. Authorities from the School of Aerospace Engineering at the Antioquia University, representatives from the Colombian Aerospace Cluster, as well as members of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and from aerospace companies, along with representatives of the Baja California Aerospace Cluster, attended this reunion.