Compass Made goes to Puerto Palomas

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-04

CHIHUAHUA – After 14 years of remaining without industrial activity, the first maquila was inaugurated in Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua. It is Compass Made, a North American capital company dedicated to the manufacture of automotive harnesses that earmarked US$80,000 for this plant.

Carlos Apodaca, manager of the plant in Deming, New Mexico, said that this border port was chosen because of the availability of labor that exists, since at first they contemplated Ciudad Juarez and Nogales, Sonora, where there’s labor shortage.

The project consists of a manufacturing plant of kit assembly, cable cutting, stripping, covering with plastic for harness assembly, joining ropes and then assembling connectors. The products manufactured in this port will be sent to the United States for distribution to other companies.

Source: El Diario de Chihuahua