Cosmopolitan City Center will have office, residential and retail in Tijuana

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Published: 2019-04-10

TIJUANA – A US$40 million mixed-use project in Tijuana is gearing up to break ground, and developers are betting on its ability to attract foreign investors that need office space, as well as its proximity to the border.

Plans for Cosmopolitan City Center call for 118,400 square feet of office space, 147 condominiums and around 26,000 square feet of retail. The 20-story complex is expected to take nearly three years to build.

City Center’s location is in a heavily trafficked area of drivers and pedestrians. Already approved by Tijuana officials, the project from Tijuana-based Cosmopolitan Group is expected to begin construction in three months.

It will be one of the only places in Tijuana’s business district to have new condos and would be a rare example of mixed-use in the city where people can live, shop and work.

Source: San Diego Union Tribute