Cotuco seeks to attract real estate market to Baja California

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-19

TIJUANA – Comité de Turismo y Convenciones (Cotuco) plans to position the coastal area of Baja California, conformed by Tijuana and Rosarito Beaches, within the Anglo-Saxon market to attract more home buyers or land in the border region.

This is a trip to Los Angeles, California, said the president of Cotuco in Tijuana, Gilberto Leyva Camacho, who also commented that one of the most important capital inflows to the city comes from the real estate sector whose main customers are foreign or U.S. nationals living in the United States.

“The real estate of Cámara Nacional de Comercio (Canaco) will join me because one of the most important sources of income we have is real estate tourism, and when you are buying real estate tourism the rest is detonated,” said Leyva Camacho.

Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) in Tijuana reported that in 2018, the sector closed with 22% more sales than last year due to the boom that keeps the industry in the homes purchase, mainly in the coastal area of the entity, which is the area in front of the sea in the city, Rosarito Beaches and northern Ensenada.

“In Tijuana a condominium may cost from US$180,000, while in the United States the average initial price is US$500,000, which has encouraged Americans to buy in Baja California,” said the president of AMPI in Tijuana, Patricia Cerezo Ramirez.

Source: El Economista