Deitac to analyze possibilities for an Ensenada – Long Beach maritime bridge

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Published: 2019-01-10

As President Donald Trump has made statements about possibly shutting down the border’s garitas if the US Congress doesn’t fund the construction of the iconic wall, the Asociacion de Desarrollo Economico e Industrial de Tijuana (Deitac) is already exploring possibilities regarding whether the construction of a maritime bridge connecting Ensenada, Baja California, and Long Beach, California is possible or not.

Gilbert Ulloa, Deitac’s vice president, explained that said bridge would allow for the merchandise between both countries to keep flowing.

“These statements that the president of the United States has made wouldn’t only affect Tijuana, but the country’s entire exports industry, so one of the alternatives we have in mind at Deitac is to generate synergy in order to create this maritime bridge from Ensenada’s port to Long Beach’s port,” Ulloa said.

Even if a complete garita shutdown seems improbable, due to the economic losses that would ensue for both Mexico and the United States, Deitac deems important to consider all possibilities when it comes to Ensenada’s industrial growth.

Nevertheless, Deitac is yet to have an official meeting with the authorities at Ensenada’s port.