Development of the aerospace industry astonishes European investors

Category: News
Published: 2016-12-06

Investors from an aerospace company based in Europe, became acquainted with the opportunities and development that the aerospace industry from Chihuahua City is currently experiencing, while looking for an option to invest in the set-up of a turbine machining operation.

The head of the National Committee of the Aerospace Cluster at INDEX, Jose Luis Rodriguez Ramos, detailed that the company is exploring the hubs of development for the Mexican aerospace industry, which is why the Aerospace Cluster from INDEX Chihuahua, presided by Rene Espinoza, put on display the logistics, infrastructure, and labor, advantages, as well as the different Shelter firms available to work with for the industry. According to Rodriguez Ramos, the investors were amazed by the development of the cluster, the machining capabilities, the expertise regarding testing, processes, aero structures and the high level technicians the State of Chihuahua has.

Source: Mexico Industry