Duty Optimization in Mexico´s Automotive Industry

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Published: 2023-05-02
Duty Optimization in Mexico´s Automotive Industry

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview “Duty Optimization in Mexico´s Automotive Industry” features Luis F. Martinez.  Mr. Martinez is a Partner with AMS – Abogados Martinez Serna S.C. AMS, a Mexican Firm, with head offices in Monterrey, Mexico. His experience centers on the interpretation and application of trade agreements with the United States, Canada, the European Union, Chile, Israel and others. His practice includes consulting and litigation in customs, regulations and non-tariff restrictions, international commercial transactions, foreign investment and regulation of export programs, including the IMMEX program. He currently has over 20 years of experience, and has worked with automotive OEMs and suppliers for many years.

In the 17-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Martinez discusses these questions:

  • What are the origins of the Automotive Industry in Mexico?
  • What is a Bonded Warehouse?
  • But nowadays when one arrives to Mexico one is able to see many brands and models that were not available to the consumer before. Your thoughts?
  • How did NAFTA affect the auto industry?
  • What is PROSEC, and who uses PROSEC?
  • What are the takeaway points?