El Paso selected for US$8.8 million grant

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Published: 2024-05-21
El Paso selected for US$8.8 million grant

EL PASO, TX – The City of El Paso was selected for US$8.8 million for the reconstruction of Fire Station 12, located Northeast of the border as part of the FY 2025 Community Project Funding program.

The City received support from Congressman Tony Gonzales to advance the request through the appropriations process as part of the Fiscal Year 2025 Community Project Funding (CPF) awards. Congress authorized CPF awards to directly allocate federal funds to communities across the United States to acquire, construct or improve essential community facilities.

“This project underscores the power of collaboration among government entities and underscores our commitment to improving public safety infrastructure in El Paso,” said Mayor Oscar Leeser.

The mayor welcomed the investment and commitment to safeguarding lives and property.

“In neighborhoods across the city, we are modernizing outdated facilities to maintain El Paso’s position as one of the safest cities in the country, we are expanding community involvement in resident safety, adopting proactive approaches to prevent fires and medical incidents, and improving public safety operational efficiencies,” Leeser commented.

“This year, I was proud to submit a request for community project funding in Congress to build a new fire station for northeast El Paso and Fort Bliss. This project will go a long way toward improving emergency response times in a region that would benefit greatly from additional services. Through my seat on the House Appropriations Committee, I will continue to advocate for the El Paso and Fort Bliss community to get this important funding across the finish line,” said Congressman Tony Gonzales.

The Fire Station 12 Reconstruction Project includes site preparation, design and construction of a 6,000 square foot facility that will provide direct benefits for regional fire prevention, emergency response, public safety and economic development for northeast El Paso.

The proposed Fire Station 12 Service Area will also provide emergency response support to Fort Bliss, Logan Heights and Biggs Army Airfield. By extending fire prevention services to Fort Bliss under an existing Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA), the City of El Paso contributes to the overall safety and well-being of military personnel, their families and civilian employees stationed at the installation, fostering strong ties and partnerships between the military and civilian communities in El Paso.