EV and Automated Mobility Education: A New Alternative from Japan

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Published: 2023-10-31
EV and Automated Mobility Education: A New Alternative from Japan

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview “EV and Automated Mobility Education: A New Alternative from Japan” features David Syrad.  Mr. Syrad is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of CBI Partners, and is based in Japan. He has set up, grown and restructured manufacturing and service businesses in Europe and Asia and has built and managed teams across the globe. He has managed global business relationships with Japanese customers, suppliers and partners for 40 years and has 35 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry. David and Co-Founder Markus Schaedlich, founded CBI Partners, to guide clients to success in Japan by providing hands-on, practical support, from research and strategy creation, through set-up of a local structure (where required), to performance optimisation and troubleshooting. He and Markus are part-time, visiting professors at the Yamagata Electric and Automated Specialist University.

In the 9-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Syrad discusses these questions:

  • You are supporting the establishment of a new specialist electric and automated mobility university in Japan – why do you think this is necessary given Japan’s declining population?
  • We hear that Japan has a severe labour shortage, but also a stagnant economy with a trend towards offshoring. How will the new approach alleviate these problems?
  • While it is interesting to hear about a change in Japan’s educational landscape, how is this relevant or useful to companies and organisations in the rest of the world?