FBI launches campaign in New Mexico to combat hate crimes

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Published: 2021-09-13
FBI launches campaign in New Mexico to combat hate crimes

NEW MEXICO – Through the campaign “Speak it, listen to it. Stop the hate”, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched a campaign against hate crimes in the state of New Mexico.

Raul Bujanda, special agent in charge of the FBI Field Office in Albuquerque, reported that hate crimes have increased in the entity, according to reports made during 2020.

That is why they decided to launch this campaign in New Mexico, starting in Albuquerque, where signs were posted on three buses of the public system with the legend “Speak it, listen to it. Stop the hate” and also includes the FBI website so that victims or witnesses of these crimes know where they can receive care and help.

Bujanda said that the FBI investigates hundreds of these cases in the country throughout the year; the problem is that “hate crimes are often not reported to law enforcement, both federal and local”.

This type of crime is not reported because people distrust the application of the law or do not know that they have been victims of a hate crime or do not know how to report it to the authorities, since hate crime does not necessarily consist of taking the life of the other person.

He explained that the person should know that for the federal government a hate crime “in its simplest form, a hate crime involves physical harm, threat or intimidation based on a bias towards an individual or group due to their race, religion, ethnicity, gender or gender identity or sexual orientation”.

He said that in New Mexico during 2020 the FBI learned of 55 of this type of crime, five more than during 2019, that is, an increase of 10 percent.

In order to be more effective in investigating and pinning those responsible for these crimes, the FBI is supported by the Albuquerque Police Department, community leaders, and the city government.

He added that they are currently investigating the cases of the attack on a Jewish family, who left a burned cross in their garden, as well as the case of a family who had a swastika spray painted on the outside wall of their apartment.

In order for people to learn more about this issue and report crimes, they can contact the website tips.fbi.gov or call 1-800-CALL-FBI.