Foxconn seeks to employ migrants in Ciudad Juárez

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-20

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Foxconn, a maquiladora company, intends to hire some 400 migrants currently living in Juarez who are seeking political asylum in the United States.

Managers of the company seek to add to the workforce these people, mostly Cubans, who are installed in Casa del Migrante, the gymnasium of Colegio de Bachilleres, as well as in the shelters called El Buen Pastor and Lomas de Poleo.

Ramon Galindo, head of Subsecretaría de Desarrollo Social of the state in the north area, stressed that the biggest obstacle to reach this goal is that migrants do not have a work permission granted by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM).

Local officials even asked federal commissioner Tonatiuh Guillén to provide facilities for such migrants to obtain said permission since that is what is holding back the proposal.

Foxconn’s proposal is for people to work for two weeks on its second shift, but they will not be able to hire them if they do not have special permission from Mexican authorities.

Source: El Sol de México